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How does Time Travel work in Clockwork?

So, how does Clockwork’s time travel work?

blogpost_art-attoTime travel in Clockwork has always been the most confusing part of the game. Alike any other time travel theories, convolution and confusion are prominent parts of the theory that unfolds.

Forget what you’ve learned from Back to the Future and Donny Darko, what I’m about to describe is an absolutely valid idea without any kind of issues whatsoever.

The time theory in Clockwork is known as the “Bilinear Time Travel Theory.”

I tried using the grandpa scenario to explain it, but it doesn’t quite work so instead ponder this.


You want ice cream.

You’re in your car following an ice cream truck. The ice cream truck will only stop if two people want ice cream.

But since there’s only you, you buy ice cream from the truck whilst on the move.

Yourevert back in time.

The new you can see the old you chasing after the ice cream truck. You decide that current you also wants ice cream, and also chase after it. 

Since the ice cream truck driver sees two people that want ice cream, he decides to stop.

Because he didn’t stop in the previous timeline, that timeline breaks.

Due to you never receiving ice cream, the second timeline where you chased the truck a second time never happened and your consciousness reverts back to seemingly the first timeline.

Only, the truck has stopped when you reverted back.

This is because your return to the first version of you is considered an event.

And that event could have only happened if the truck stopped.

And all of this is in a linear timeline, with inexistent tangents that merge into what you are currently experiencing.

Hence, the Bilinear time theory, because whilst it looks like two timelines it’s actually just one.


I hope that this has made sense to all of you, you can read the extended article after I receive my Nobel Prize on the matter.

Bottom line: I want ice cream. Lemon Sorbet, thanks.

Clockwork: How we do Concept Art

Hello everyone!

As the development of Clockwork continues, we have some new concept art to show! The first of much more to come. We take a look at some brand new areas coming up in the progress of the game, that we are both so excited to show you as well as get to work on. Seeing new art come from the game has certainly been a great refresher for us. Today we thought we’d go into more detail about the tight process we undertake to keep up with the development of our game. Starting with concept art.

Our concept art is one of the very first steps we take when deciding how our game will look. Firstly, we outline the various areas the player will encounter at every act and turn of the story.

We then break that down to the levels in the game, and see if any new areas need to be designed to make the world of Clockwork that much more believable.

Once we reach this stage, we hand off a list to our concept artist, Arianne Elliott to design those lovely and terrifying areas that the main characters and yourselves will soon explore.

In order to meet and keep up with our schedule, these pieces of concept art are whipped out with strict time constraints so that we may iteratively develop and provide feedback on the work. What we show you here is the result after the first round of feedback, and a few amongst the many.

Atto's Home

Atto’s Home: This concept was designed to quickly grasp the feel of our main character’s home, hidden away at the end of the factory floors.


The Smelter: All materials must turn to steel. The smelters of Grindtown operate beneath the machine floor, processing the metal that fuels the entire city.


Dilata Basin: Deeper still beneath the workings of the city, the wasteland of what slips through the cracks eventually find their way here.

Let us know what you think, we’re open ears for any feedback or your views in the comments. We do read those, and are more than happy to answer questions! From our processes, to our decision making, we’d more than love to share with everyone our experience working on this game. Thanks for reading, and keep checking for more news!