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Interview with ‘Do You Even Game Bro?’



Our CEO, Vishal Gumber, recently had a chat with the lovely people over at ‘Do You Even Game Bro’. He answered questions about Clockwork’s inspirations, aesthetic and development process. And, he even shed some light on  the question we’ve all wanted answered; just how much oil does Atto consume?

You can read the entire interview right here.


Clockwork is Greenlit!


Hi Everyone!

We made it! Clockwork is officially greenlit! Thank you so much to everyone who voted, commented and shared the game. Your positivity and support has been overwhelming. <3


We’ve definitely taken your feedback on board and right now we’re working on a polished build of the game for release. We hope to release in Q3 of 2016.

Thanks again for joining us on this amazing journey! We couldn’t have done this without your support. 🙂 <3


— The Clockwork Team

ClockWork: Our Story


It’s been one week since we launched our Greenlight campaign and the support just continues to flow in. A huge thanks to everyone who has taken time to comment, vote and wished us well – we really appreciate it. With your help, we’re now at #13 out of 2000+ titles on Greenlight! <3

So, how did it all start? Please allow us to share a bit on ‘The Making of ClockWork’.

Two years ago, our young and talented team of around 8 people had a small mission: create a viral game, much like Flappy Bird, with 2-3 months of development and hope to be lucky. However, we soon realized that besides a high level of various specific skillsets, creating a worthwhile game also required a lot of planning and experimentation, and that would take more time, effort, work and re-work. We went back to the drawing board after 3 months of a lot of random concepts and some very polished art, which never actually made into the final game, except for its Time Manipulation Mechanic.


We were inspired by an essay which our game designer had written when he was in Year 10. It talked of going back in time and having the chance to say or do something differently. Through that, our lead artist started creating concepts of a Watchtower. Ideas flew from there, and before we knew it an entire world was created. After 6 months of starting development we finally had a clear concept.

ClockWork was starting to come to life.

Over the next 18 months, ClockWork went through many iterations. Ultimately over 25 people worked on different facets of the game and made an invaluable contribution. We debated over how the game would be played. Was 2D the best way to go, or 3D better? After developing in 3D for 4 months, we went back to 2D as our original team envisioned ClockWork in a specific way and 2D was thought to be a better portrayal.


ClockWork still continues to grow. We’re aware that the animation needs a little more polish, and the gameplay can be tightened. These are the things we continue to work on as we power through Steam Greenlight. We’re delighted at what we’ve achieved thus far, and will continue to create an amazing game for all to enjoy.

Now that the core development is finished and we are only polishing it for the last few months, our team has mostly disbanded. We’re scattered across Australia, working in various top studios. However, we all feel extremely blessed that we had the opportunity to work on ClockWork. When we release in the next month or two, we do hope that you will cherish playing it, as much as we cherished making it.

Take a look at ClockWork on greenlight now!