A look into World-Building.

A look into World-Building.

clockwork_cityscape512x512-512x512Hello, folks. 

Today, we’re taking a step into world building and how the world of Clockwork came to being. From the creative minds at Gamesoft to the vibrant development of this fictional city.

We’ve mentioned in the past that it came from a few of our team members here, but never delved into it with too much detail. We had originally been bouncing ideas about the setting of the game. This version of Clockwork, which wasn’t even called Clockwork at the time featured a completely different story. Different characters, different environments and no game mechanics really tied to it. We originally were aiming to tell a story before we wanted to turn it into a game.

It wasn’t long after that our lead of programming, Adam Pinto saw his vision for how the game would play. Introducing the base of the game mechanic, and how time behaved in this new world.

Like any good ideas, it started with the simplest concept. That our main character could watch his past self going through motions. From there, as the team grew so did the idea and the world behind it.

But what was this world we claimed to have built?

It’s easy to get carried away with all the details of every story. We’ve crafted this giant world, that we may not get the opportunity to demonstrate. But as the creators we find it imperative that we’re aware of what’s happening and why.

Watchtower is a machine city/state, governed by the rich and populated by the poor. The typification of hierarchal society. The story is set in a world parallel to the French 1600s, through an age of Renaissance and Industrial revolution. Imagine a world where we had stopped developing technology and wandered into paranormal physics.

If after we had developed steam engines, clocks and automatons, we decided we had enough of growing.

The people of Watchtower have lost their drive to continue forward. Like clockwork, they go through the motions of their lives and jobs, not knowing when the day begins and when it truly ends. The mindless denizens grow weary through time, their bodies rusting away as their gears creak and grind into dust.

Their metal bodies were built for their salvation, yet now that the danger has passed and time goes on, humanity has reached a standstill. A standstill on rusty legs. And amidst the workings of this city, a boy looks for screws in need of tightening, nuts and bolts to replace, bodies to fix and above all, his place in this ageing world.

I know there are many questions we have left unanswered about Clockwork, and so ask us any question you’d like answered about the game. 

Let us know what you think, and what kind of article you would like written next as well.



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