Clockwork Progress Update: A word from the team.

Clockwork Progress Update: A word from the team.

Milli_movement-512x512“What is currently happening with Clockwork?”

Howdy. I’m running out of ways to introduce these articles. But fret not, for today we will actually talk about the game a bit more. We’re not quite ready to announce anything major yet, but we’re well on our way there. We’re not ready to start showing screenshots of what we’re working on for Clockwork, but here are some of the changes that have been made from what  you last saw.

A word from the artists:

Since the start of the project, it’s been an arduous journey in achieving what we hope with Clockwork, and in doing so, we’ve developed the game to offer a much better experience for the player.

The first thing you can expect to change from what you saw at GDC is the art. We’ve revamped the art to provide a cleaner, more efficient look from a development perspective. The clockpunk, grungy style that you saw will still be there but you can expect a lot more room for the amazing backdrops of the world.

We haven’t just reworked the environment, but also the characters. Our protagonist, Atto has been revamped to provide a clearer picture of who he is whilst keeping with the artwork you’ve seen. He’s become the image of Clockwork, so we’ve worked to recapture his essence and clean him up significantly. Both from his drawing, to his animating.

The world of Clockwork is a constantly moving, oscillating environment. We’ve designed our environments to turn, spin and lift as you’d expect the innards of a clock to. In our previous build, much of the motion of the environment was missing and we’re hoping that fans will be entranced in the world by these dynamic environments. We had always anticipated making this a part of the game, but now it is one of the many parts we have adding to our world building.

A word from the designers:

From a design perspective, there’s a lot that’s changed that we’re incredibly eager to share with everyone. We’ve mentioned this numerous times before, but now we can finally talk about some of the developments we’ve made since then.

Firstly, we found at GDC that players as well as us preferred to see more of the level on screen. We’ve taken that, and redesigned all of our levels to compensate for a broader view of what’s going on. We’ve been pushing for this since the start, but now that we have the players’ opinion of the idea we’re able to justify its implementation.

Atto is exploring this vast world of which he only had ever scratched the surface of. We’ve amped the ante and introduced many more supporting elements, as well as obstacles he will face. Watchtower has its dangerous side, and we’re really hoping to reflect that when the player progresses. Atto’s home is a haven in a very disrupted world. Players will long for the peace they will experience during the easier times of the game.

The bigger design news we’re going to talk about is the player’s exposure to Milli. Milli is one of the many great characters that make up the main story of Clockwork. We’ve been meaning to improve her presence in the game, through both the visuals and the narrative. Players will now be able to take control of Milli during their playthrough of the game. This will let you clip through walls and obstacles, but won’t be able to affect anything physically. It will serve as a method for the player to view what’s coming ahead and plan out their progress through the level.

Visually, she will take physical form as the young girl you may have seen in the artwork. We felt it a waste to keep her contained within the clock, and since we had designed for her to be personified in some manner, we thought may also give the player some more attachment to her. She will prove to be a lifesaver during the more complex puzzles, and just adds to our design solutions.

There is much more we can’t talk about, but as every solution becomes more concrete you can expect more updates like this.

In upcoming news, we’re opening ourselves to answer frequently asked questions. So leave in the comments anything you’d like to know more about the game.

There’ll be a lot of details we can’t give out yet, as usual, but we’d like to engage with you as much as possible. We do take any feedback we see and consider it, so feel free to be open about it!

Thank you,

 The Clockwork Team.

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