E3 Hype: How did we feel about E3?

E3 Hype: How did we feel about E3?

E3-logo-2Hey guys, it’s us again.

This time even less professional than usual.

Lately, we’ve been reviewing all the amazing stuff we saw at E3, and have been thinking about what’s got us excited. Let us know too what you guys really enjoyed too. We posted this right after E3, but with Australian internet there’s no telling when this post will come out.

Here are some quotes from our team.

“The usuals really. Fallout 4 everybody is hyped about, and intrigued by the new Dishonored as well as the revamped titles shown at the Sony conference. But Dark Souls 3 and Miyazaki’s return as director is going to do some great things for the franchise.” – Designer/Artist

“Ahh, ooh I like Kingdom Hearts. I guess. What else is there, there’s nothing else I care about. I knew about Assassin’s Creed before E3 came out so not that. I just want to see HD Riku at this point, really.” – Artist

“ I really liked the Hololens they showed. I hope they take glasses alright, or let us change lenses for various prescriptions.” – Programmer/Designer

“I’d say I felt pretty encouraged with the Battlefront reveal, it’s nice to see that kind of enthusiasm put into a game production. Seeing that it stood on the fence for so long and that it’s finally become something kickass.” – Animator

“The Witness. I think Braid was a really good example of how Indie games can be, from a purely game design perspective, so I’m curious as to what Jonathan Blow is making now.” – Producer

“OHH MY GOD!! IT’S FINAL FANTASY 7, SHENMUE AND LAST GUARDIAN!!!  They did it! Every dream has come true.” – Artist/Designer


Extra points if you can guess which team members liked which games.

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