Here is Princy Suarez, Technical Artist/Designer

Here is Princy Suarez, Technical Artist/Designer

Hey people!

As our progress continues, we’d like to introduce you to another team member that we have the pleasure of working with.

Meet Princy Suarez!


I’m an Artist, although technical artist would be more accurate. I take the art and import it into the game engine and using that art, I create assets that can be used to build levels. I also build  the levels based off of the level and puzzle designs from Boramy. Some of the puzzle designing also falls onto me, which is lots of fun. I’m also the one in charge of keeping the project directory clean and tidy, making sure files are named correctly and placed in the right place. On top of all that I lend a hand in the art department, creating miscellaneous bits of art. I do know how to draw after all.

Long walks on the beach, pina coladas, down voting Youtube videos, and Lego. And also video games.


Bad naming conventions and folder structures. People not following naming conventions or folder structures. Strangers who sit next to me on public transport when there are clearly other empty seats available. Weather that is too cold or too hot. The majority of Adam Sandler films.


Favourite Game:
Bad Rats. There is nothing on earth quite like it. Everyone’s steam library should have it. It’s a great Christmas gift. May the legend never die. But in all seriousness my favourite game is probably Final Fantasy 7. It was my first Final Fantasy and one of the first games I ever finished. Looking at the box art I thought it was a game about soccer. Turns out it was a lot more than that. From the music to the systems, to the simple polygon art and the cheesy story, I love Final Fantasy 7. It will always have a space on my shelf.

Favourite Hotkey:
Ctrl + F. Wouldn’t find anything without it. Also the find and replace function is great.

If you weren’t making games, where else would you be right now?

Zookeeper or marine biologist. My favourite spots in the city are the aquarium and the zoo, so I guess working there wouldn’t be so bad. I don’t super love animals but I think they’re okay. Asides from that, the only other place I could see myself in is an office space job, something in a cubicle, preferably in a greyish blue color. Tight, compact, dead end, water cooler to match. I could do that.


I collect Lego minifigures. The quality has gone up since I was a kid. Every figure has really nice detail. They make great desk companions. I also have six Lego vehicles; five from the recent Lego speed champions series and the other being the ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. The other cars look really swish but the ecto-1 takes the cake. It is a beautiful reproduction of the car from the movie. Other than that, I do frequently read comics. The Everything Burns story is arc is one I would recommend.

Overall it’s been a fun experience working in games. Everybody here is so much fun to work with. There is literally nothing else in the world I would rather do. Literally nothing.


If you have questions you’d like to ask Princy, feel free to comment on facebook, our website or send us tweets!


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