Meet Arianne Elliott: Art Director

Meet Arianne Elliott: Art Director

ArianneWell hello there! I’m Arianne, and I’m the art director and concept artist over at Gamesoft on the game, Clockwork.

So, the guys have finally coerced me into writing a bit about myself. This week I’ve gone 32 hours without sleep, gone half blind from a migraine, and been so poor I considered a peanut butter sandwich for every meal a balanced diet, and writing this is still the most tedious thing I’ll do all week.

What kind of work do you do?

I draw pretty things, sounds dumb, but that’s usually what i’m doing.

Well, there is more to it than that, I draw assets, characters, concept art, promotional art, and I monitor the look and feel of the game.

And when I’m not working on clockwork I work of whatever freelance gigs I can get my little mits on, Web stuff, illustration, photo editing, anything to make a dime.

What do you love about art?

Now far from resenting these aspects of being a full time digital artist, I actually revel in the struggle. Sure it means you’re the wet blanket who turns down plans since there’s always work to be done. Yes, you may find yourself staring at your computer like a drone when a not so pleasant smell brings you back to consciousness, and then you realise that smell is really you, and you should probably shower.

It’s also definitely not cool to be editing people in your head when you are supposed to be carrying a conversation.

But I still find there is nothing else I would rather be doing, nothing quite like the freedom of having ideas and being able to breath life into them, the elation of giving your imagination a visual form.

Working in games is a bit different, but no less rewarding. Having a project where different people and all their skills come together is great. We’ve found this great chemistry in the team that makes the office a really comfortable place to work.

What are your favorite games?

Bioshock/Infinite, Jak 2, Last Of Us,Tales of Vesperia,Oblivion, Skyrim, AssCreed 4, Age of Empires II, Wolf Among Us, though if i’m honest i’ve mostly just been playing a lot of Guitar Hero.

I look for influence not just from games but also from traditional art, to movies, TV shows and definitely books.

They let me generate my own vision of things, and sparks a lot of my creativity.

Where would you be if you weren’t an artist?

I’d be an angry chef.

I’m halfway there but still working on the chef part.

Thanks for taking the time to read this rant. I know the editor’s going to have a field day with this one. But you wouldn’t know why because it’s already been edited.

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