Meet Artist/Designer, Boramy Unn.

Meet Artist/Designer, Boramy Unn.

Artist/Designer Boramy Unn

Hey everyone!

My name is Boramy Unn. (Yes, prononced like Boromir without ‘r’)

LOTR jokes aside, I thought I’d take the chance to talk a bit about myself. So, bear with me for a while as I go into the tales of my life story. Fun times.

Oh, who am I? That’s right, I’m one of the artist/designers on Clockwork. I probably should have led with that. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m primarily designing Clockwork at the moment, so coming up with puzzles and fun mechanics for all of you to eventually enjoy. That’s my job, but it doesn’t do much in talking about myself.

Where are you from then?

I’m one of the few, not quite so Australian Australians on the team. Born in Paris, lived there, and moved to finish High School in Malaysia, but am an Australian citizen with Cambodian origins. I now in live in Sydney, Australia .

What do you do?

I’m a digital artist, I suppose that’s my main title. Most people call themselves more specifically, but where I’m headed there’s no such fine line. I’m sure others will agree. In this industry, I don’t expect I’ll be hired for the one role through my entire career. Presuming I’ll be getting hired at all.

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and my job. Working in games is pretty awesome. I also love swimming, but making games is the best part. Whenever I even begin to feel down I remember that I’m making games for a living and suddenly there’s a rainbow where there’s no rain.

What’s it like working in games?

It’s awesome. It’s like playing with Lego but for adults. We also play with Lego for children.

I also get to come up with crazy ideas and throw enough of them around and some of them stick. And those that stick, I’m really looking forward to how everyone responds to it. It’s the kind of thing that really fleshes out the base idea of our game.

I also get to write fake interview questions to explain my perpsective which is fun to do.

What’s your favorite game and why?

My favorite games are Dark Souls and Deus Ex. I really enjoy Dark Souls because it’s simply an unforgiving, nightmarish world with epic scenery and an unrelenting atmosphere. The difficulty of the game has little to do with it, it certainly adds to how I feel playing the game but you overcome that with enough time. You start to manipulate the i-frames and before you know it you’re a beast at killing creatures. And it’s all in feeling the mechanics, no hand-holding just pure exploration. I like games that leave you on your own and pit you against impossible odds.

If you weren’t in games, where would you be now?

I thought about a lot of options, from journalism to political science, to philosophy, architecture and advertising. The main reason why I didn’t work on any of those, is because there’s a great lack of appreciation for the work that goes in many of these fields. Others didn’t feel like the right future for me. I always loved games, and wanted to make them since an early age. It was only recently that I realized how realistic it actually was.

But I’m thankful for where I am. Working in games is definitely the dream job people hope it is. Sure, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. But that makes it just that much better. I’m still studying it all, but to get to work on a game this early on is such a great opportunity. I look forward to delivering this project.

Thanks so much for spending the time to read this, but keep checking for more from the rest of the team!


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