Meet Erin Hall – Artist

Meet Erin Hall – Artist

Erin HallHi Everyone,

Please join us to welcome Erin to the Clockwork Team. Here’s what she has to say:

What is your role?

I partake in the dressing and lighting of levels, as well as the creation of more assets. So essentially, I take the basic level layout and turn it into a part of the game world that players will experience.

How long have you been doing art?

I have always loved drawing and anything else creative from since I was fairly young, however recently I have only just gotten back into drawing again and am learning how to use the digital medium.

How did you get into games?

I got into games watching my older brothers play games like Alien Breed and Quak on our old Amiga CD32. My love for games grew and has brought me to where I am now, currently in my first year for Bachelor of Games Development (Game Design) at SAE Sydney.

What or who are your inspirations?

I absolutely love open world RPGs, but the one that made the biggest impression on my life was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. To this day I still have not actually finished the main quest line (terrible I know) because I became so immersed in the game world, and that is what I hope to be able to create for all the other passionate gamers.

What’s your favourite game?

That is a tricky question. Being new to the series I love The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but some of my all-time favourites would have to include the Mass Effect series, Morrowind and of course Final Fantasy VII.

If you weren’t making games, where else would you be right now?

Before starting at SAE I was torn between games and animation and was actually leaning more towards animation at one point. Otherwise I would probably be finishing off my Psychology degree that I started 3 years ago.

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