Quick Look: Enemies in Clockwork

Quick Look: Enemies in Clockwork

Hello, there folks!


It’s been awhile since we last posted anything, we’ve been busy here on the team. We thought it’d be a good time to talk about the enemies in the game.

It’s something we’ve been keeping on the down low until we were sure how they’d behave and be a part of the game. But now that we are, we can talk about it!

Originally, we weren’t aware of whether we’d even have enemies in the game. But we quickly realized we wanted the characters to face a threat, and for world to seem more hostile in more despair. From a story perspective, having an enemy of some sort is always tricky. The enemies players will encounter in Clockwork are a part of the city and townspeople.

Without saying too much, they are the outcome of the tragic state of the city. Their part in the world, and what they represent is something we’re always wanting to go further with.

In terms of how they’ll behave in the game, they play a part in solving puzzles and creating a whole new set of properties for the player to figure out. We’re using them in some interesting ways, and players will need to control their movement, attention and actions to traverse through the deeper parts of the game.

We look forward to seeing how players will react to their role in the game as we bring them to life.


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