World Building +

World Building +


I’d like to talk about World building again.

Yeah, I know. Sorry if you’re not interested in all that.

But we’re also showing off some cool concept art whilst we do this!

A large part of our responsibilities as a small team is to flesh out this world, and how we’re going to tell it.

We’ve always wanted it to be a very ominous world, where everything is very ambient, dark and gloomy. Part of our art redesign from our GDC build was to address that.

Sure, we showed the gameplay but from an art perspective it wasn’t quite there. As a game studio we had to make this drastic change because it was starting to deteriorate our workflow, and our vision of the game.

Here are some concepts from each act of the game, that we’ll be going through to discuss what the design solutions behind them were. Albeit being very rough, they’ve served their purpose more than some of our detailed concept art.


The factory floor is where we spent the most time on. We built all the mechanics and character in this environment, and so we had to really hit the head on the nail hard to sell this world.

This is also one of my favorite pieces of concept art from the game. It’s not much, it’s low detail and it’s really subtle. But the dark undertones, the lighting mood and the eeriness of it all is how many of us imagined the world of Clockwork to be. Dank.

In this next piece of art, we see a new location. the Dilata Basin, and where it all entails. From one to the other, we can see how much the design language has changed.


What is the blue stuff? Is it dangerous, is it safe? All these ambiguous questions are part of what we like about this. From a world perspective, you won’t know where it comes from or what it does, but it’s there. This is an example of a world we’re building to tell the tales of the characters there.

Lastly, another example of the world is scale. Atto is a small boy in a big wide world. Everything is larger than life and how it all operates is a wonder. It’s that kind of wonder we want the player to feel that we didn’t make room for in our previous builds.



The story is about a greater scheme at play than what Atto is experiencing. Like any other child in the world.

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