Xbox One Development Kits have arrived!

Xbox One Development Kits have arrived!

Good day citizens!

Rejoice, our Xbox One development kits have just arrived, courtesy of Microsoft. What had begun from a low key project has escalated and will reach an Xbox near you! Hopefully we’ll know how to take care of equipment, our stone brick hands haven’t had the best of luck in that regard just yet.

All that aside, we’ve worked through multiple ideas of how vast the scope of our game will be, and as a result we’ve decided to explore as many options as we can to let as many enjoy our game as we can.


Here are some screenshots of the Xbox One at our desk, as well as when we unboxed them.

Oh, and don’t mind our collection sitting in the images, we’re running out of room for them, they’ve recently made their homes around our desks and have begun asking us for rent.

That aside, our programmer has already begun playing around with it. Hopefully soon, he’ll start working with them.

But fans of other platforms, do not fret. We’re working on getting development kits for other platforms and will definitely be sharing this experience with however far we can.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, and again be sure to keep checking for more updates!

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