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Gamesoft: A Look Into An Australian Game Studio

Today, we look at a very different part of our studio. I’m sure you’re all well aware that we are an Australian studio, and if not then welcome to our website! Australia is an awesome place, so we’re glad to be here, and this is why.

What’s it like living in Australia?

Living in Australia is pretty cool. We get the sunny days, and the cool beaches. Every game developer’s dreams. That being said, we don’t get to enjoy most of these at the moment because it’s winter now. Australia has a nice variety, and from my personal travel experience it’s got such a great dynamic weather system that fits perfectly for human gameplay mechanics.

What are some of your challenges as an Australian studio?

The biggest challenge is probably survival. Indie companies may come and go, and so we’re eternally grateful to be doing work that isn’t for a specific client.

Australia is a pricey place, but we’ve managed to balance ourselves well enough to maintain this kind of lifestyle that we live comfortably. That, and we adore what we do, so we’ll most likely never really complain.

On top of Clockwork, some of us have numerous projects on the side that we’re developing as well.

How did your team come together?

We met because we come from similar backgrounds, and originate from a common place. We’ve encountered the talent we need, amongst our social circles and found to suddenly band this team. From more experienced generations of Gamesoft, to new ones, we’ve all moulded to fit with each other really well. Going to work is a lot of fun for that reason, we all get along and we all have such a varied perspective. Almost like the Breakfast Club only with less angst.

Is there any difference being an Australian studio?

I can’t say there are really any notable differences. We get slow internet speeds, and most games never host an Australian server save for a few. These are all problems beyond our control, and only time will tell before more support is directed towards Australian games.

When it comes to actual development, we don’t do anything backwards contrary to popular belief. Our keyboards aren’t the other way around, and our left click isn’t right click. From a purely employee perspective, there’s little difference. We make art, code or game designs and then they shape together to make a game. Right now our collective effort is simply Clockwork.

What do you think of the Australian game industry?

The Australian game industry is bundle of ambitious developers looking for their big break. That includes us. There’s a long way to go, but it’s very much driven by indie companies like us. We try to do what we can for the industry, but as for any creative design it’s really all about delivering the project you want to do. We have the ability to do that, and for that we’re grateful at the opportunity.

What does the future look like for Gamesoft?

It’s pretty early to say, we’ll have to wait and see how Clockwork does and maybe you’ll see more of us. Either way, there’s no chance we’ll leave this industry anytime soon so together or alone, we’re going to deliver more awesomeness for our comrades in Australia.

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